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The PET bottles become to Green blanket

The article” The Oil Age is over” said: “Requires millions of years to form the oil reserves in the centuries of human history becomes exhausted; if used according to the present rate continues, will run out in forty years.” IEA (International Energy Agency) report also pointed out that to find new oil and gas fields in the world rising costs, the difficulty is getting bigger and bigger.

“The resources in Earth are limited. It is the best way, for the dug oil if we can reuse or reduce them” said Alex Lo. PET bottles is a byproduct of petroleum refining whish are made of polyester, and for another purpose is textile. In 1997, Alex Lo is one of the textile industry found that PET bottles recycling value. Green blanket developed since early 2006, in the end of year came to mass production. By September 2008 has made more than 150,000 blankets, which provide by all volunteers from the Tzu Chi District Environmental Recycling PET bottles.

Tzu Chi humanitarian aid convener said that the eco-blankets are environmentally friendly than ordinary cotton clothing, soft light, and good quality. At present, except for Taiwan, winter relief, eco-blankets have served also on Pakistan, the U.S., the Philippines, and Sri Lanka Disaster Relief.

PET bottles and cloth are seemingly different items, but material is the same. Through recycling, renewable production, make resources endless. Difficult Creation of oil, but plastic is immortality. Recycling bottles can be converted to charities, and this is what we call "garbage become to gold and gold come to love.”

Alex Lo picked up a green cloth samples and said, “This is made of green plastic bottles. What is the color of the original material and the fabric came to the same color. These are no chromatic aberration and it will not fade. This is the green design, also called clean production, and there is no new waste during the production process.” Alex Lo also emphasized that it takes 100KG of water to dye 1KG cloth. Recycle, reduce and reuse, we gave PET bottle a different meaning.

In addition A treaty 1KG weight, length 230 cm, width 180 cm and blankets made from about seventy-eight PET bottles.

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