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+++ TEA Space in Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023


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Exhibition information

Exhibition dates: 2023 May 20- 2023 November 26

Exhibition location: Park Giardini Marinaresia
(Riva deiSetteMartiri, 1364, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy)


Cross-industry collaboration focused on recycling led to the development of “clothes made from ocean recycled PET Bottles” and “pineapple leaf fibers” in 2020, initiating a new phase of fabric development using marine and agricultural waste in Taiwan. In 2022, we were invited to join the “+++ TEA Space” team to tackle customized demands, such as creating fabrics from recycled ocean PET bottles, offering printing, waterproofing, stitching, and assembly services, while overcoming size limitations to fulfill the fabric material requirements of this exhibition.

Through the two main focuses on tea culture and circular economy, +++ TEA Space works through real-life practice to showcase that achieving sustainable coexistence is not just a marketing slogan. The exhibition invites everyone to envision and experience a more sustainable and diverse future through a cup of Taiwanese tea.

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