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Taiwan Green Classics

Issued Institution: Green Trade Project Office Ministry of Economic Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

2011 - Recycled PET bottle fabrics and serials Products
2012 - The Total Solution of RPET Eco-fabrics

Taiwan Excellent Product Award

Issued Institution: Ministration of Economic Affairs (MOEA),
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Certificate No. Year Content
NO.0862670-S043 1997 Speaker Cloth
NO.0883930-S043 1999 High Performance Wiping Cloth
NO.0883940-S043 1999 Recycled PET Cloth
NO.0894020-S047 2000 Far Infrared Fabric
NO.090305O-S047 2001 Moisture Absorbing and Quick Dry Fabric
NO.0913670-S047 2002 Sandwich Foam Cloth
NO.0913680-S047 2002 Wonder Towel
NO.092351OA-S047 2003 Night Light
NO.093316OA-S047 2004 Photo-Chromic + Thermo-Chromic + Glow in the
Dark Composed Functional Fabric
NO.093316OA-S047 2004 Photo-Chromic Fabric
NO.094358OA-S047 2005 3D Heat Retardant Fabric
NO.107341GA-S047 2017 USB Far infrared Relaxing Mask
NO.107342GA-S047 2017 USB Far infrared Wrist Support
NO.107343GA-S047 2017 USB Far infrared Flexible Pad
NO.107344GA-S047 2017 USB Far infrared Kettle Bag
NO.108215EA-S047 2018 Far infrared equestrian products
NO.108217EA-S047 2018 Elastic wear-resistant women's breeches
NO.108216EA-S047 2018 Fashionable women's equestrian clothing
NO.111109DA-S047 2022 Pineapple leaf fiber cloth(W0441-01 / P0335-03 / K1037)

Good Design Product

Issued Institution: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Certification No. Content
Certificate No.8806287 Recycled PET Fabric NO.6101~6105
Certificate No.90-06-410 Recycled PET Bag