About Supertex

About Supertex

Taiwan Green Classics

Issued Institution: Green Trade Project Office Ministry of Economic Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

2011 - Recycled PET bottle fabrics and serials Products
2012 - The Total Solution of RPET Eco-fabrics

Taiwan Excellent Product Award

Issued Institution: Ministration of Economic Affairs (MOEA),
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Certificate No. Year Content
NO.0862670-S043 1997 Speaker Cloth
NO.0883930-S043 1999 High Performance Wiping Cloth
NO.0883940-S043 1999 Recycled PET Cloth
NO.0894020-S047 2000 Far Infrared Fabric
NO.090305O-S047 2001 Moisture Absorbing and Quick Dry Fabric
NO.0913670-S047 2002 Sandwich Foam Cloth
NO.0913680-S047 2002 Wonder Towel
NO.092351OA-S047 2003 Night Light
NO.093316OA-S047 2004 Photo-Chromic + Thermo-Chromic + Glow in the
Dark Composed Functional Fabric
NO.093316OA-S047 2004 Photo-Chromic Fabric
NO.094358OA-S047 2005 3D Heat Retardant Fabric
2018 USB Far infrared Relaxing Mask
2018 USB Far infrared Wrist Support
2018 USB Far infrared Flexible Pad
2018 USB Far infrared Kettle Bag

Good Design Product

Issued Institution: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Certification No. Content
Certificate No.8806287 Recycled PET Fabric NO.6101~6105
Certificate No.90-06-410 Recycled PET Bag